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Monday, 29. December 2014
Hollywood Pro Ben Silverman: "what's Incredible About Netflix Is Its Global Ambition" -
By nerysmolde, 17:47 If and when that happens, Silverman gets his ideal distribution platform. Create fantastic content, sign a distribution contract with Netflix, and reach all four corners of the world overnight. That model would fit the needs of modern media distribution, given the Internet-powered concerns that Silverman worries about. And of course, simplified blanket contracts with worldwide distribution rights must be the perfect model for Netflix as well -- simpler accounting and fewer limited-rights problems than the current Kardashian patchwork of separate licenses for each geographic market. And obviously, that complete vision kim kardashian surgery would dramatically increase the value of the Netflix service. Today, the company sells subscriptions to roughly 50 million households in an addressable broadband market of about 180 million households.

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